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BWHI Expert Trainer Virna Diaz

Virna Diaz

As Executive Director of the Latino Health Organization, Virna is responsible for organizational oversight, monitoring health indicators, providing support services, and working to diminish health disparities faced by the Latino community through education, advocacy and leadership.

Virna has contributed to greater understanding of the conflicts that can arise between Latino teens and their parents regarding home vs school behavior and acculturative stress. Virna has also provided excellent leadership in bringing together several community health organizations to provide essential health screenings and health education to the Latino community.

Virna is one of our original lifestyle coaches, working with our Indianapolis, IN affiliate, the Indiana Minority Health Coalition, since 2012. Virna delivers the program in Spanish. In 2017 she traveled to Bogota Colombia, to train 20 Spanish-speaking coaches and serve as one of the presenters at the International Symposium for Diabetes Prevention, Detention and Early Management. Virna represented both BWHI and the Indiana Minority Health Coalition at this symposium sponsored by the Colombia Diabetes Association.

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