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Mirna Puesan: BWHI Trainer

Mirna Puesan, MD, MPH

Mirna is a physician specializing in Lifestyle Medicine in Houston, Texas. As founder and executive director of PERFECT LIFESTYLE, she practices lifestyle medicine as primary care. She understands whole-person lifestyle is the most powerful medical treatment available for the prevention, treatment, and cure of most chronic diseases- plus it has no negative side effects. She believes the patient is his/her own best medicine and therefore one’s self is the most important ingredient in achieving his/her own best health.

To walk along side and support her patients in implementing lifestyle improvement skills into their daily lives, Mirna became a BWHI Lifestyle Coach in 2016 and Perfect Lifestyle became a part of the BWHI provider network. In 2019, PERFECT LIFESTYLE’s CYL2 Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) achieved Full Recognition status and became the first DPP provider in the city of Katy.

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