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BWHI Expert Trainer Lee Collins

Lee Collins

Lee Collins is a passionate wellness advocate with extensive leadership experience. During his 14 years with FedEx, he led diverse teams to achieve superior results. It was there that he began honing his engagement and communication skills that have led to his current interest in community collaboration. For the past 15 years, Lee has served in a variety of leadership positions within the Prince George’s County Fire Department, where he currently oversees 5 fire stations as a Chief Battalion Officer. He has also worked on several high-profile fire service projects involving EEO, Diversity, and promotional assessments.

He is currently a graduate student at Bowie State University studying mental health counseling. Lee believes that physical wellness and chronic disease prevention must include a mental and cultural health component. He is also pursuing a mediation certification in the District of Columbia court system and is a member of a Toastmaster group in Bowie, Maryland.

Lee has served as a Collins Wellness Center lifestyle coach since 2014, where he facilitated BWHI’s all male class in Prince Georges County Maryland.

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