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BWHI Expert Trainer Kimberly Lovelady

Kimberly Lovelady

After years as a powerhouse health educator and consultant at one of the nation’s elite medical centers, Kimberly made a bold decision to quit her job and start her own business, Fundamental Health Solutions(FHS). Located in Jackson, Tennessee, FHS specializes in reaching underserved populations: African Americans, Latinos and rural residents.

Kimberly is a holistic health strategist. Through onsite programming, online courses, consulting and training, Kimberly teaches everyday health-focused entrepreneurs how to use the strategies she mastered in over 20 years in the health industry. These strategies are designed to build multiple streams of income based on their passion, reclaim their financial independence, find provision in their purpose and increase the success of their programming efforts.

FHS became a BWHI affiliate in 2015 and was our first partnering organization to become fully recognized by the CDC’s Diabetes Prevention Recognition Program. Kimberly has been a lifestyle coach since 2014 and brings lots of innovation and excitement to coaching her participants in the rural counties of TN.

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